Таня Скалозуб
Ниже собрала коллекцию промтов для получения красивых цветочных фотографий. Копируйте промт и добавляйте в нейросеть, меняйте размер, если это необходимо
a closeup photo of a field with different gorgeous colorful flowers in purple pink green and blue colors --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
a photo of a field with gorgeous pink flowers at sunset --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
a closeup photo of a field with different gorgeous colorful flowers in red pink orange and yellow colors --ar 2:3 --v 6.0
Ranunculus in a clear vase, white background, orange and red flowers, vibrant colors, professional photography, high resolution. The flowers are in the style of a still life painting. --ar 2:3
A clear glass vase with orange and red ranunculus, on a white table against a grey wall, photo in the style of Rinko Kawauchi --ar 2:3
Colorful flowers in the background, pink, purple and blue, with water droplets on them. Closeup of large flower heads, including chrysanthemums, daisies, peonies, roses, and various colors of petals. The overall color scheme is bright and vivid, creating an atmosphere full of vitality and joy. in the style of various artists. --ar 9:16
Close up photo of flowers in the rain, with blue and pink colors, through a window, with a blurry background, for a phone wallpaper. The photo is in the style of a phone wallpaper with flowers in the rain seen through a window with a blurry background in blue and pink colors. --ar 71:128
hyper realistic photo of pink poppies on a dark background, in the style of Thomas Blackshear and Mandy Disher --ar 2:3
peony flowers, soft pink color with dew drops on petals, closeup, high resolution photography, professional photograph with natural light and a gray background, beautiful colors in the style of a watercolor painting, peonies in the foreground and peonies in the backround, flower bouquet still life, very detailed with intricate details and depth of field, hyper realistic in the style of an octane render with volumetric lighting, studio photography with a nikon d850 camera. --ar 9:16
A beautiful boho wedding bouquet with ribbon-wrapped flowers and greenery, laying on the ground against an off-white wall, in soft tones of peach pink, cream beige and dark brown. The bouquet is in the style of a bohemian wedding arrangement with ribbons and greenery, resting on the ground next to an off-white wall with soft colors of peach pink, cream beige and dark brown. --ar 9:16
a white round table in the living room, on it is an open ring box and yellow mimosa flowers in a vase, shot with Fujifilm Pro400H film stock --ar 21:32
Photo of modern art, delicate translucent flowers made from silk and satin in pastel colors, against a soft grey background, high resolution, photographed with Sony Alpha A7 III, photographed in the style of Hassleblad camera, hyper realistic, sharp focus. --ar 9:16